3 spectacular places in Verona for a romantic weekend

Thanks to Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” a quiet Italian town of Verona has forever become a symbol of eternal love.
Every year, millions of tourists come to this peaceful provincial city to discover its architectural wonders, get acquainted with its rich history and to write a letter to Juliet, draw a heart on the wall of her house and visit the last refuge of unfortunate lovers.


It’s amazing that in our age of pragmatism, high technologies and unstoppable rhythm of life, thousands of lovers still come to Verona to propose marriage under the famous balcony where Romeo confessed his love to Juliet.

Juliet’s House
Undoubtedly the most popular place among loving couples is Juliet’s House.  According to the legend, it’s here where the famous Shakespeare’s heroine lived. Indeed, the house was built in 13th century and really belonged to Dal Cappello family (prototype of the Capulet clan).

In 1667 the building was sold to Rizzardi family, who used it as an inn.  Subsequent history of Juliet’s house wasn’t remarkable. The bulging was slowly falling into decay until 1907 it was sold to the city authorities, who planned to transform it into museum, but restoration work hadn’t started for a long time.

The situation cardinally changed in 1936, after the world saw the film “Romeo and Juliet” by George Cukor. Hollywood film adaptation of the classical tragedy was very successful and aroused a new wave of interest in Shakespeare’s story. The city authorities quickly put two and two together and realized that the long-forgotten house can bring profit.
The Juliet’s house was quickly rebuilt as maximally close to its film version.  After so many years of neglect, the house regained its medieval appearance and has become one of the most popular attractions of Verona.

In 1997, a bronze statue of Juliet was set in the yard. People believe that if you touch the right breast of a young girl, the good luck in love will never leave you.


The famous balcony itself was built only in 1997, and there were so many tourists willing to stand at least for a few on the balcony, that soon it was closed for all visitors. The only pleasure that remains is to kiss under the balcony. There is believe that those who did it, will never be apart.
Don’t expect too much of the Juliet’s house and you won’t be disappointed. The place is very touristic and crowded by visitors, but still it’s worth your attention.

Giusti Garden
In Giusti Garden you’ll be surrounded by ringing silence. And you’ll be able to escape from frantic pace of life on dusty Italian streets.
The garden is considered one of the most beautiful Italian parks of the late Renaissance.  The lush garden with a variety of sculptures surrounding noble residence of Giusti, have been amazing visitors since 1591.

The beauty of this place and its charming atmosphere were evaluated by Goethe and Mozart, who loved to stroll through the cypress alleys in search of a muse and inspiration.  It is this place, the English traveler and writer Thomas Coryate called a paradise on earth.


The garden is decorated with numerous fountains and marble sculptures made in accordance with the canons of those times. Besides, there is an interesting hedge maze. According to a legend, lovers, who manage to find each other in the maze, will be together to the end their days.
Surprisingly, nowadays there are not many tourists in Giusti Garden, and you’ll be able to fully enjoy a romantic walk with your soul mate without prying eyes.

Ponte Pietra Bridge
Bridges connect countries, cities and people. For centuries people have used the latest achievements in architecture and engineering to overcome all kinds of obstacles erected in front of them by the nature or the life itself.

And for many people bridges are also the symbols of love, they connect not only two banks of the rivers, but also two loving hearts.
Some bridges amaze with their sizes, others – with their beauty or unusual technological solutions. The most famous bridge in Verona will amaze you with its rich history.


Ponte Pietra (translated from Italian means “stone bridge”) is an arch bridge connecting the banks of the River Adige. The original bridge was built in the late 1st century BC. Since that time it has survived numerous renovations, because of the constant floods and earthquakes.

In the end of the World War II, Ponte Pietra as well as other bridges in Verona was blown up by the retreating German troops. Only in 1959, it was restored using original fragments lifted from the bottom of the river.  Of course, not all components of the original bridge were found, and constructors had to use different materials including red bricks. It only gave the bridge a special charm.

Once Ponte Pietra was the first stone bridge in Verona, and today it is the only Roman bridge that has remained in the city.
When the sun goes down and twilight falls on Verona, the streets become quieter and only soft echoes of music from numerous restaurants could be heard. It’s so pleasant to wander through the old streets with your soul mate. Enjoy delightful cool of summer night, feel warm of her tiny hand and inhale the elusive odor of her hair. During your little stroll don’t miss a chance to show her one of the most romantic places in Verona Ponte Pietra Bridge.

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